Common Name:  Copenhagen Market Cabbage

Scientific Name: Brassica oleracea
Plant Type: Vegetable  Raw cabbage isolated on white  cabbage packages

Soil type:  loamy, sandy

Height: to 11”

Requires: Sun


Copenhagen Market Cabbage is really a cooler weather cabbage that grows into nice green, round, very large heads (several pounds).  It is an annual and grows in about 80 days.  It needs consistent watering, and is generally considered an easy plant to grow. Cabbage leaves can have a powdery, waxy coating called bloom.



It has a sweet taste and is good for salad, coleslaws or sauerkraut.   It has been known as a great store bought variety and can be stored well.   Cabbage is used dishes like borscht also as it can have a bitter, spicy flavor.  It also has high amounts of Vitamin C, and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.



  • Fermented and preserved
    • To pickle cabbage, it is covered with a brine made of its own juice with salt, and left in a warm place for several weeks to ferment. Cabbage can also be pickled in vinegar with various spices, alone or in combination with other vegetables (turnips can be cured in the same way).