Common Name:  De Cicco Broccoli

Scientific Name: Brassica oleracea
Plant Type: Vegetable  Broccoli group  brocolli packages

Soil type:  loamy, sandy

Height: to 1.5’

Requires: Sun


De Cicco Broccoli is an Italian vegetable that has been brought over to America and grows well in cooler climates.  This broccoli doesn’t have one head but rather several side stalks to make up the rosette.  It is best to plant the seeds just before the last frost.  This variety typically blooms in a yellow color.  Broccoli prefers cool temperatures and a regular supply of water.   It is recommended to sow indoors about six weeks prior to planting outdoors.


It is a sweet broccoli, and goes well with basil and garlic. All the stems and leaves are eatable.  Di Cicco Broccoli is a good freezer variety, and leaves are also edible, cooked like chard.  Di Cicco Broccoli  is a sweet and tender heirloom variety.  You can prepare similar to normal broccoli including steaming, stir-fry, raw or even roasted in the oven.



  • You can store the broccoli in the refrigerator but broccoli is best eaten as soon as possible. It may keep up to a week or so in a plastic bag in the fridge.