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vegetables pumeneFor the best herb and vegetable seeds that are organic, look no further than Pumene Heirloom Seeds!  Pumene Heirloom Seeds for natural organic seeds for any garden.  Our goal at Pumene Heirloom Seeds is to engage our communities to live greener and healthier lives.  A great way to do this is to start your own backyard garden, growing your own herbs or vegetables using our open pollinated Seeds.

To get you started growing the best looking garden possible, Pumene have put together a kit of mixed herb or vegetable seeds that can be found on our Amazon sites. These starter kits include seeds for 12 different herbs, or 9 different vegetables that you can use and enjoy in your daily kitchen. We have recently added a new 30 seed variety pack which has, herbs, vegetables and even watermelon!  Variety depends on availability and can vary. Our herbs and vegetables can be grown in your own back yard or in balcony pots.  A backyard garden is a fabulous way to encourage young children to develop a passion for nature, teaching them life skills and to love their local fauna and flora while also having fun. Children love to watch plants growing from the seeds they have planted and cared for.  They also would love to watch the beautiful colored butterflies hopping from one plant to another.  Pumene Heirloom Seeds are committed to your gardening success and the back to earth movement.

We ensure that all our seeds are natural and original and have been tested for superior germination.  Our seeds have not been genetically modified.  Using Pumene Heirloom Seeds is the natural way to garden!

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  • Care about our Customers and the Communities they live in
  • Believe we all are entitled to enjoy vibrant and healthy lives
  • Only provide healthy seeds that grow healthy, nutritious and delicious herbs
  • We pledge to deliver the best produce combined with the utmost best service

We challenge you to make a choice of growing herbs or vegetables that are healthy for you.