Common Name:  Radish (Cherry Belle)

Scientific Name: Raphanus sativus
Plant Type: Vegetable  radish cherry belle  Pumene plants

Soil type:  sandy

Height: to 6’’

Requires: Sun to Shade


The Radish is an annual vegetable that grows a red bulb that is zesty and crisp tasting and have a blossom of lobed leaves on stems rising from the root.  Cherry Belle Radish is a low maintenance plant and generally grows in the cooler months.  These are good for some extra zing in your salads and are good uncooked.


They are great served cold or can be sautéed in butter and thyme. Always great in salads or can also be used in soups. They are a good companion to tomatoes and cucumbers or as a French hors d’oeuvre of radishes cut in half, and served with a thyme butter and sea salt.


  • Store greens separately for 2 to 3 days. Refrigerate radishes wrapped in plastic bags for 5 to 7 days.