Reviews for select seeds from Pumene

I was very pleased to receive the variety pack Pumene herb seeds as a birthday present. I love gardening and love fresh herbs – my friend’s choice was superb!The packaging looks great and the instruction for planting was clear and easy to understand. I was astonished by the amount of seeds per packet. I definitely received more seeds than I have previously from other suppliers. I also love the fact that these seeds are cultivated by American Farmers.I have planted some of the seeds and have put away the rest to use for later. I waited in great anticipation to see how the germination of the seeds will turn out to be and once again, I was pleasantly surprised. The first to show their heads were the radish, they are such strong little jewels. I must have had a bit of a strong hand when sowing as they appeared to be like hair on a dog’s back! It almost seems that all the seed germinated and the rest of the herbs are starting to grow. The seeds are exactly like the seller described – ‘seeds from fresh new crops’.If I have to say something negative, it would be that it is not clearly explained that the breathable packaging is actually the outer package and not the envelopes in which the seeds are packed. But I guess that is common sense.Overall, I am extremely happy with my seeds and they are growing rapidly and very healthy. They arrived well packed and presented as well.

Generous Size Packets!

By JD5520 on May 7, 2015

Growing herbs is one of the most satisfying gardening endeavors! Herbs are so beneficial and add so much flavor to dishes! This set includes many of my favorites: Sweet Basil Seeds, Parsley Seeds, Cilantro Seeds, English Thyme Seeds, Garlic Chives Seeds, Oregano Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Marjoram Seeds, Radish Seeds, Summer Savory Seeds, Sage Seeds, Calendula Seeds. I adore fresh basil with my home grown tomatoes! I always add some Cilantro to my salsa! Parsley is good on almost anything and sage is essential in my chicken and dressing. I was very excited to get to order this collection of heirloom seeds for a discount and review them during a promotion. I am very pleased! Each seed packet have a generous amount of seeds. A lot more seeds than normal seed packets. I appreciate that and that this came with easy to write on plant markers!
Seeds from customer photos


By Zanelle on June 9, 2015

During a recent holiday I was admiring the herb garden at one of the guest houses we stayed at. Our host was very proud of the success she had had with Pumene Seeds. I was shown the seed packets as she excitedly explained her success growing them. Her basil was out of control and absolutely beautiful. My walk around the garden became a very educational experience learning that the Calendula flower is not only edible but draws aphids away from valuable plants in the vegetable garden! I was so impressed with what I saw and heard that I thought it only fair I complement this product. Unfortunately as I live overseas, I am not able to order these. But for those who can – enjoy!

Awesome variety!

By H.B. on May 6, 2015

I received these to test and review. I’ll have to update as soon as the plants are ready to harvest, but the plant variety is excellent. Perfect for our 4×4 square foot garden. The packaging is very cute. Can’t wait to see how they grow!