Common Name:  Whirlybird Nasturtium

Scientific Name: Tropaeolum majus

Plant Type: flower  nasturtium flower  nasturtium packages

Soil type:  loamy

Height: to 35”

Requires: Partial Sun


Whirlybird Nasturtium is an annual (sometimes it can live up to several years) and it is a flowering plant that will add a bit of color to the vegetable garden.   It is a hardy plant and is good to grow in zones 10 and 11, and can grow quite quickly.  It will live through the frost and can bloom in early summer.   They produce oil similar to the watercress.


The flowers are bright and cheerful color and leaves can be used in salads as the leaves have a peppery taste to them.   It can also be used in antiseptic medicines.  It is also good for helping get rid of some pests.   Large seeds are fun for kids to use fine motor skills to explore gardening and nature.

  • It is best eaten immediately.